Four Ways To Deal With Pain

Pain can range anywhere from a minor annoyance to a debilitating problem. If you have debilitating pain, don’t wait — we need to talk now!

But mild pain — the kind you might feel on any given day — is another story. It probably falls into one of two types: that which was caused by something you’ve done, and that which is recurring (and you don’t quite know what caused it). The first kind is normal — you may have spent all day cleaning out the garage, climbing up and down a ladder and lifting heavy boxes. No surprise there — you’re sore the next day! Pretty standard stuff.

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How To Heal Fast And Correctly

Ouch! What was that! A tweaked ankle? A twinge in your lower back? An old football injury back to say hello? No problem — if you suffer a minor or moderate injury, you’ll be back to normal in no time if you take care of yourself the right way.

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Arthritic Hands? No Problem — Here’s How To Help

Check out this video for a demonstration of exercises that can help your arthritis.

Oh, those fingers and thumbs. When they’re healthy we don’t give them a second thought. But when our hands are in pain almost every daily task turns into trouble. The problem could be incipient osteoarthritis.

Many people get osteoarthritis in the hands. Osteoarthritis is bone arthritis — not rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic or any sort of immune arthro-type. Typically, bone arthritis is caused by wear and tear of the fingers. Repetitive stress causes the body to defend itself with the growth of bone. It happens to chiropractors, construction workers, massage therapists, seamstresses, clerical workers who hold a pen hour upon hour — osteoarthritis is a danger for anyone who uses their hands a lot over the years.

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The Secret To Avoiding Arthritis

By Dr. David Biedebach, D.C., C.C.F.C.

What Causes Arthritis?

Are you a little afraid that arthritis is inevitable? Just a little bonus that comes along with aging? Nothing could be farther from the truth. And the good news is that preventing arthritis is actually very simple: you need to use your joint structures repeatedly, regularly — and non-painfully.

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Is There A Way To Avoid Hip, Knee Or Shoulder Surgery?

By Dr. David Biedebach, D.C., C.C.F.C.

No matter what age you are, would you like to avoid hip, knee or shoulder surgery, or even a joint replacement? Avoiding surgery or a joint replacement is not only possible, it’s easy if you act early.

The key is understanding how your body functions. When you suffer an injury, you voluntarily and quite understandably limit your own movement — because it may hurt to strive for a full range of motion. That’s the beginning of the problem — you get into a habit of limiting your movement. Eventually, whatever movement you do not use becomes movement you cannot use. That part of the tissue becomes very brittle, drying and dying over time.

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Healthy holiday eating

Tips on Avoiding the Holiday Bulge

During the holiday season, there is so much activity that is centered around food and eating, especially when it is such a joyous time. Therefore, the time of year alone can make it hard to stay on your health regimen. Here are a few tips that might help you get past the holiday bulge;  1) Have a light but healthy snack before you start your holiday indulging, ie. eat a healthy snack before you leave for the holiday party or dinner.  2) Resist the urge to feel like you need to finish everything on your plate.  3) Eat at a slower pace and socialize more between visits to the buffet or hors d’oeuvres table.  4) Drink extra amounts of water to help you stay hydrated as well as satiated.  5) Keep moving, even if it simple movements, ie. around the buffet table.


Back pain is traditionally, the complaint of the aged or the athletic, but in truth it can strike anyone. Fortunately, it is not an issue anyone has to suffer through without striking back. For back pain ranging from the most chronic to the slightest twinge, there are many steps sufferers can take. Here are just a few of these steps.

Getting into Pilates or yoga is a great way in which you can work to alleviate or even permanently eliminate back pain. Yoga and Pilates focuses more on stretching, elongating and strengthening the muscles, which is perfect for your back and can easily help to eliminate some of your pain.

Hop in the shower. Taking a bath might sound nice, but lying in the tub might hurt your back. A shower is usually ideal if you are not in too much pain to stand. Stand with your back to the hot water and try to relax. It can be very soothing.

You should be diligent about lifting things correctly, even when you are lifting or nursing your children. Many parents injure their backs when rough housing with their children. Likewise, many new mothers strain their backs while nursing. Pain from these injuries is easily avoided by lifting your children from your knees and by holding them closer to your body.

Depression can be one of the culprits associated with back pain, so it is important to treat any symptoms of depression in conjunction with back pain if you are experiencing both. The depression may actually be helping to cause the pain, so eliminate the culprit and get rid of the pain.

In some cases, back pain is a severe problem and sometimes, it is a mere inconvenience. Regardless of its severity, back pain is not something that its sufferers need to ignore. The tips above are just a few of the ways to ameliorate back pain. There is a viable solution out there for relieving, almost any case.